FLATHEAD on drunken pear with wine reduction, dragon-fruit and edible flowers

6 Persons

Ingredients for pear:

1 pear per person (hard pears)

1 bottle of red wine

3 anistars

3 red chillies

1/4 cup of brown sugar

Ingredients for Tempura style fish:

1 Flathead fillet per person

30 g rice flour

20 g tapioca flour (arrowroot)

50 g corn flour

1 tablespoon turmeric

4 egg yolk

1/8 l of cold water

salt & pepper

vegetable oil


Cook the cut and peeled pears in red wine mix for approx. 20 min (pears shouldn’t be too soft, nor too hard)
Let them get infused by the colour, but take half the wine-sauce out to create a reduction
Simmer wine sauce until reduced by half and running thickly off your spoon
For the tempura, mix the dry ingredients and only with a fork, blend the water into it. If it’s too runny, add more flour, otherwise more water. It should be light and slightly runny to only allow a minimum of patter on the fish.
Heat a good vegetable oil to boiling and reduce heat, then add fish
The crisp golden fish is then placed gently over the pears 
Decorate the place with the reduction and anything else you find that’s red and yummy. I have added angel hair chilli to top it off, dragon-fruit and some edible flowers.
The combination of the sweet and spicy pear with the crisp fish is always a winner!

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